The most important test on GRC material is the Flexural Bending Test

These flexural tests should be an essential part of a factory quality assurance system.

It is the basis for most GRC specifications, including that published by the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association. For example, Grade 18 GRC means a Characteristic Flexural strength of 18 Mpa, Grade 10 means 10Mpa.

We recommend all manufacturers to carry out this test on a regular basis as required by the specification and we can supply the testing equipment and software.
We can also carry out this testing on behalf of customers to PCI BS & EN standards and save you the expense of buying the equipment and the cost of a skilled technician.

Prototype Development and Testing

We enjoy helping customers to develop and market new products.

We have the facilities to test products to destruction and with our in-house engineering capabilities can produce test rigs for specific applications.

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