Expert Advice

Mix formulations and selection of materials

Using the right mix design and correct raw materials is essential in order to produce high quality products with the required mechanical properties.

When should polymer be used? What’s the best type of plasticiser? Is the sand suitable? We can help with all these questions and more.

Facing Mixes and Stone Finishes

Although for many applications an ex mould or painted finish is satisfactory, much of the appeal of GRC is its ability to reproduce the appearance, colour and texture of other popular but often heavier building materials.

Colour is achieved using iron oxide pigments and the texture by sand blasting, acid washing, face retarding or the use of textured moulds.
FTI can advise on the most suitable together with the advantages and draw backs.

Factory planning and organisation

In order to achieve maximum production, a factory and the equipment within it should be organized so that there is an efficient flow of raw materials in and finished products out.

Handling of both the raw materials and products should be kept to a minimum and all handling operations should be designed to ensure employee safety and limit the possibility of product damage.
Our senior personnel can advise on all aspects of GRC factory layout design.

Design of QA and QC Systems

Accreditation to International Quality Standards is becoming a requirement of many end users. Without the correct accreditation (ISO 9000) the manufacturer will be denied the opportunity of tendering for many lucrative contracts.

FTI have ISO 9001 accreditation and we are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience to our customers. Even if it is decided against ISO 9000 it is worthwhile establishing an “in house” scheme and again FTI can assist.
We can also also help with the design, implement and audit QC and QA systems enabling the producer to comply with the the GRCA approved manufacturers scheme.

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