Super Plasticisers

Superplasticisers designed for use in Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Flowaid FT and Flowaid SCC are super-plasticising concrete admixtures based on Polycarboxylic Polymers.

  • Specially formulation for use in premix and sprayed GRC
  • High workability without segregation
  • No retardation
  • Up to 40% water reduction possible with Flowaid SCC
  • Higher strengths at all ages
  • Flowaid FT can be used with acrylic polymer

Flowaid FT / SCC for GRCFlowaid FT enables large water reductions to be made whilst retaining workability.

Download the Flowaid FT Brochure


Flowaid SCC improves the workability of GRC mixes used for pumping and casting, reducing or eliminating the need for vibration.

Download the Flowaid SCC Brochure

Large stocks of Superplastisizers are available for immediate despatch from our UK warehouse to Europe and the rest of the world.

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