NEG ARG Fibre in Renders and Cement Plasters

Fibres can be used at low dosages in traditional site applied renders to control plastic shrinkage cracking or at higher dosages to allow thickness reductions and one coat applications.

Significant improvements in flexural and tensile strength are achieved with reduced permeability and improved frost resistance.

  • Wall Renders
  • Swimming Pools
  • Squash Courts
  • Ponds

The recommended fibres (dosage rates of 10 to 20kg per m3 of concrete) for this application are:

NEG ARG Fibre in Renders and Cement Plasters

The fibres can be added directly to the mixer or can be pre-blended with the dry ingredients.

Where additional localized reinforcement is required then a 5x5mm Alkali Resistant Net (AR Net FT) is recommended.

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