IGRCA Congress 2011

GRC 2011 Congress Istanbul

Papers available to download:

1 Growing GRC Business through the Use of Sustainable Practices

2 GRC and Sustainable Building Design

3 Is GRC a Green Building Material

4 New Characteristics of Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) by Titandioxid Modifications

5 Durability of GRC with Modified Matrices and Glass Mesh

6 Development of Self-Compacting Premix GRC

7 Shake Table Experiments for the Determination of the Seismic Performance of GRC Panels

8 Deformations of precast Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Exterior Wall Panels Under Ambient Conditions

9 FRP Reinforcement in GRC Elements

10 The Masdar Institute’s GRC Residential Facade

11 Application of GFRC in Expo. Construction

12 Mobile Home (Maxi-Caravan) in GRC

13 Fibrobeton, Quarter Century in the GRC Industry

14 The Forum Shopping Center Project

15 GRC The Next Generation Future Manufacturing Developments

16 Keynote GRC for the Restoration of Historic Buildings

17 An Overview of GRC in New Zealand

18 Application of GRC Curved Sandwich Panels with EPS Core and Exterior Finish

19 New-type Antiseismic and Energy Saving Building

20 Australian Developments in GRC Design

21 Concept to Realisation GRC and Complex Facades

23 Composite Steel Rib Construction of GRC Box Rib Cladding Panels

24 The Design of GFRC Architectural Panels that meet Hurricane Resistance Specifications

25 Design Solutions and Seismic Requirements for GRC Projects in New Zealand

26 The GRCA Approved Manufacturers Scheme

27 35 year review of the GRC Technology, Equipments and Market

29 GFRC Production with AR-Mat Glass Fibre

30 Anchoring Into Limited GFRC Thickness and a Solution for Lightweight GFRC Facade Framing

31 Recent Development in China GRC Industry and Developments and Applications of Diversified Products

32 Project in the UK with Patterned GRC Panels

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